Utilizing our collective experiences in positions of managing director, vice president, mine manager, maintenance manager, engineer, supervisor and equipment operator, LIBERTY can help clients implement specific improvement to accelerate levels of productivity, profitability and safety through due diligence and then advising and implementing improvements. Depending on the clients’ requirements, LIBERTY has also collaborated with professional associates to better achieve the project goals.  For example, LIBERTY has collaborated with Agapito Associates, Alpha Engineering, Appalachian Mining & Engineering, Inc., and Target Drilling on ground control, mine ventilation, and degasification.



  • Review existing risk management and safety programs
  • Develop client specific risk management systems and safety programs to identify and mitigate risks
  • Risk exposure assessments for insurance companies
  • Advising attorneys involved in mining cases



  • Business profitability enhancements through innovation, technology, and process improvements
  • Troubleshooting and downtime reduction analysis for increasing equipment availability
  • Procedures for efficient longwall moves/changeovers and longwall operations
  • Ventilation network simulations for mine improvements plus shaft and fan installations
  • Degasification program design and improvements
  • Mine standards improvements – safety, airborne dust, men and material transport, maintenance, and power system reliability
  • Highwall mining systems production improvement through site specific operating procedures




  • Long-term and short-term comprehensive mine planning including mine layouts with pillar sizing from geotechnical reports and economic justifications
  • Developing mapping standards and provide assistance to clients’ personnel on various mining software such as SurvCADD, AutoCAD, Mine Ventilation Simulation programs, etc.
  • Surface and in-mine degasification programs
  • Implementing modern mining methods, new technology, and new processes
  • Feasibility studies, equipment evaluations, and selection for room-and-pillar mining and longwall systems including CAPEX justification
  • Procurement of reliable spare parts for mining equipment
  • Expansion, acquisition and merger assistance
  • Property management



  • To safety operate continuous miner and bolter miner equipment units plus longwall equipment systems
  • To safely maximize production with both existing equipment and new technologies
  • To improve mine safety standards
  • To enhance management and employee development



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