Liberty Mining Consultants offers the services of the professionals with over 250 years of combined mining experience in management, engineering, safety, production and maintenance. Our staff and professional associates have extensive experience in coal mining & processing, gypsum, platinum, and phosphate. Liberty’s mine planning expertise can assist clients with current operations, expansions or acquisitions. Our staff and professional associates have extensive conference and peer-reviewed publications in all facets of mining.


  • Developed and implemented business profitability enhancements
  • Opened new underground and surface (opencast) mines and highwall mining systems
  • Conducted and coordinated comprehensive mine planning from exploration through permitting, construction and into production
  • Managed multiple production unit mines
  • Developed operating plans and cost control programs
  • Computer simulation for operational cycle-time, ventilation network and ground control
  • Conducted and reviewed geotechnical studies
  • Evaluated risk management systems and developed improvement programs
  • Conducted evaluations for comparing existing mining systems versus implementation of new technology with CAPEX justification (NPV and IRR) and cash flow analysis
  • Provided new technology and new equipment training
  • Developed and presented both initial and on-going training for equipment operators and supervisors
  • Design, evaluation and monitoring of highly productive longwalls with good safety and mine standards
  • Implemented maintenance programs resulting in increased machine availability and improved equipment conditions
  • Designed and implemented in-seam and surface degasification program
  • Developed management training and communication programs
  • Developed life-of-mine projections and mine plans to maximize reserve recovery
  • Evaluated and enhanced “place-changing” continuous miner equipment systems
  • Performed financial analysis for acquisition of mining operations in the USA and worldwide
  • Handled regulatory matters with agencies worldwide relative to mine operations, mine plan approvals and mine subsidence


LIBERTY collaborated with Addcar to commission the first Highwall Miner in South Africa. LIBERTY collaborated with Long-Airdox and DBT to present and promote the room-and-pillar mining system and equipment in India and Russia. LIBERTY personnel have extensive experience working with the regulatory agencies in the USA and abroad on mine plan approvals and regulatory compliance.




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